Talent Optimization for Teams

Meet Your Team’s Potential.

Teams that Learn Together, Win Together.
Bring the power of Talent Optimization to teams of all sizes with significant discounts that flex to suit your goals.


Team Dynamics are Predictable.

We help Business Leaders, HR Professionals, and Team Builders
to connect their business strategy to great results through people.

Building a dream team?

Equip your team members with the critical thinking skills and necessary tools to tackle the choppy waters of change and innovation.

Our programs teach teams a common language to navigate transformation through aligned work and shared purpose.

Leaders at all levels will learn how to motivate others, coach with confidence, and keep each other inspired.

Unlock your team’s full potential for high performance with our ready-to-use, on demand certification program for Teams to Lead with Talent Optimization.

Benefits of Lead with TO
Team Training

Builds stronger employee relationships

Increases employee engagement through career acceleration
Teaches collaboration and communication skills
Improves ability to adapt and adjust to new goals and plans
Strengthens the alignment with company culture
Develops greater confidence and cohesion in teams
Builds a common language for strategy execution
Establishes a framework to invest in a team’s success
Predicts team dynamics that create positive environments
Optimizes your teams for sustained success and reduces burnout

This best-in-class program accelerates the potential of diverse
teams to succeed by giving teams and leaders the tools to
build more positive engaged environments.

The TO Certificate for Teams empowers colleagues to become
more self-aware, aligned, and cohesive with each other.

Why Choose TO Certification for Teams?

Powerful model based on science foundations.

Personalized Learning for both Self-Paced and Group Learning.

Exceptional Insights for individuals and their colleagues.

Practical, convenient on-demand video materials to accelerate completion and implementation.

Our Lead with TO Learning Center gives you on-demand access to video content, quizzes, a step-by-step success path, and expert resources.

Team Pricing

Smaller tEAMS

Bigger Groups

10 Participants


$97/Per Person

25 Participants


$97/Per Person

100 Participants


$47/Per Person

200 Participants


$47/Per Person

300 Participants


$47/Per Person

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the on-demand certification videos and quizzes?

It takes approximately 3-4 hours in total to review the videos, read materials, and complete the 5 quizzes with passing grades.

How should participants pace their work? Should it be done in one day?

The course gets unlocked one module at a time, every few days, over a 2 week timeframe.

We recommend that Teams pick one of the three suggested Success Paths (2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 8 weeks) depending on their goals.

How could teams personalize the program?

Let’s discuss more about how to customize the best program for you. Connect with a no-cost consult call.

Have Questions? Want to Learn More? Connect with Us!

Schedule a 15-minute no-cost Consult Call to learn more about
Lead with TO for Teams and to preview some of the course materials.