Get Inspired

by Matt Poepsel, PhD

Today we’re going to get inspired to check out these recent books I’ve seen I’ve noticed a trend here start with why Simon Sinek we’ve got Stephen Mr. Covey and my friend, David Leahy. Check this out. So you got start with why How Great Leaders Inspire everyone to take action. And now you’ve got a book from Stephen Covey, trust and inspire and then Dave’s higher to inspire. These are all great inspired reads. And obviously, we see that word inspire showing up in again and again, what does inspire me? Well, its definition is to fill someone with the urge or the ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative, interesting, creative energy. Now inspire plays a very specific role within the talent optimization framework. For example, it’s the domain where we say inspire others to greatness.

Sometimes I say inspire employees to greatness just to focus. That’s really the people who are already part of the organization. When we talk about inspiring people to greatness. This is about that privileged relationship that a manager or supervisor has with his or her direct reports, as well as peers, how do we inspire one another? And how do we act as leaders in a peer relationship as well. So when we look at talent optimization, and in the Inspire aptitude, specifically, there’s four key activities, and I’d like to just bring them up so we can always refresh on them. The first is to create new jobs and career paths. What we need is personal growth and professional growth for our employees, if they can see that there’s an opportunity for advancement, new skill sets, that they can lean toward a career path for them here at our organization. Great. That’s how we inspire greatness. How about developing your leaders, I mentioned that privilege relationship.

A lot of times, we assume that our supervisors and our frontline managers know how to lead. And the reality is they don’t we haven’t invested in them in the way that we did in the past talent optimization places this reality and this burden on us, we’ve got to make sure that they have the tools and the techniques, they need to act in a leadership capacity. How about this one, ensuring productive peer relationships. There’s nothing more uninspiring than working with someone who drains your energy creates a lot of friction that people tax I talk about a lot.

That happens in an absence of talent optimization, that can be an issue. And then finally, reinforcing your culture. If you want to inspire people to greatness, that means reinforcing what it means to be a part of this organization, what our core values are the types of of ways that we want to make sure that we think and behave, these things are important. And I’ll go back to something from that inspired definition. I want you to give yourself permission to be creative when doing these things. Creative about future career paths, creative about your leadership, development, creative in your relationship with another co worker, there’s gobs and gobs of ways to do this. Talent optimization definitely shows us how to do that.